Sunday, February 03, 2008

Sweet Mother of...

I was in a discussion today about why President Bush was bad, and I now have a new arguement to tell you why.

A $3.1 trillion budget. That's 3,100,000,000,000 Dollars. I don't know how he can think that this is good for the country. Considering the world is quite possibly about to slip into a recession, and that the government is throwing out money to try and stimulate the economy, with the same tax cuts in place that Bushie put in 8 years ago, things can only get worse from doing this.

What's perhaps the most disturbing about this is that he has now announced that he realizes that as a result, the U.S. budget deficit would more than double. I may not have a degree in economics, but this can't be good for the country, in the near term or in the long run. What ever happened to fiscal conservatism?


At 3:19 PM, Anonymous Kipp said...

...but he tempers that by saying the budget will be balanced by 2012, taking into account the improving economic picture!!!!! Voodoo Economics

This video is called Voodoo People by Godsmack and the people in the video are emblematic of our citizens, politicians and the economy.


At 3:24 PM, Anonymous Kipp said...

Oops...Prodigy not Godsmack



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